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Mtumiaji:Jacob Iteba

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Jacob Iteba (MSc. Aquatic sciences, University of Eldoret, Kenya)
Jacob is a well-mannered, articulate and conscientious person who is able to converse in a polite and courteous manner. Having a sympathetic attitude and able to listen attentively at all times. Possessing excellent inter-personal and communication skills and is approachable, cheerful and friendly. Fully aware of the needs of a contemporary and diverse/multicultural society. It has always been my delight to employ my ability in areas that require logical, analytical thought, and an anxiety to combine my interest in water science with my knowledge in aquatic sciences to address environmental issues. My ultimate goal is to be a skilled worker and a professional in this area. My long-term plans being, to be in both research and academic field in my country, teaching at the university or academic institution where I can primarily indulge in disseminating knowledge and also being involved in scientific research where the use of Internet really plays a vital role, to offer service to my country on published documents which can be used in proper decision making.

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