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Dear Ruzika,

Thank you for participating in the Internet governance workshop hosted by the University of Dodoma in partnership with ICANNWiki, ICANN, and tzNIC. The event was a great success! We had 23 participants make 312 edits on 145 articles! This is extraordinary progress for such a new wiki. We are humbled and excited by your work, and we hope to continue to build this resource alongside you in a way that most benefits the East African and Swahili-speaking communities.

Thank you for your work on Country Code Top Level Domain, .eg .ga and many more articles!

We would like to see you continue to improve these articles and develop new articles, while learning more about the formatting and the wiki markup language. It may seem complicated at first, but it will become easy with time. You contributed a lot of great information and it will be most effective if formatted to be consistent with the rest of the website. A wiki is a community that builds a resource together, by editing and improving each other’s work. In this spirit, we chose to edit the article you created on .ga to improve the article and provide you with a lesson on wiki markup and formatting.

We have made great progress, but the work is not done. If we want to ensure a quality resource for East Africa that will last for generations, it is important to continue to build on our work. That means learning with us and helping others learn.

Here is the article we chose from your work: .ga

Here are a few changes we made: -bolded the first word, ".ga" -removed references/marejeo from underneath the 'References' header, added them to the text and added the 'ref' tag around them -references are automatically moved when you included them in the text with the 'ref' tag

To see the changes on the article click ‘history’. There you can see a record of what has been changed. If you have any trouble with this, this our Wiki-Editing Tutorial may help.

We hope this letter encourages you to continue your work on this initiative. You are doing important work that will help many of your peers and newcomers understand key concepts of Internet governance.

Please reach out if you have any questions or need any help.

Many thanks,

Jackie Treiber